Kushner group, May 2017

Kushner group, May 2017

University of Toronto

Department of Physics
60 St. George St.
Toronto ON  M5S1A7

Office Location: McLennan Physics MP716

Email: paul.kushner@utoronto.ca
Phone: +1-416-946-3683

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The Kushner group works on many aspects of the atmosphere related to climate variability and change:

Atmospheric dynamics

  • The jet stream and polar vortex
  • Storm tracks and circulation

Cold-Climate Processes

  • Snow cover and sea ice
  • Arctic linkages with global climate
  • Canadian Sea Ice and Snow                       Evolution Network CanSISE.ca


  • Large-scale waves and stability
  • Wave mean-flow interactions
  • Modes of climate variability


  • Earth system models and simpler models
  • Mining of observational data and model data